We Advice – You Decide:

Every time you take your Nissan for a Service, you will be greeted by a Trained Service Advisor with a smile who will check your car in 15 minutes and then advise you the services required honestly & fairly.

Together, you can discuss the details and cost of these repairs and in the end the decision is yours.

Always Safe Than Sorry

All Nissan Vehicles are subjected to a detailed inspection checklist to ensure safety and functionality of all major components. The smallest deficiences are identified and can be corrected before they become bigger issues and lead to accidents.

We only use Nissan Genuine Parts® & Accessories® for uncompromising safety, funtionality, accuracy of fit and value retention.


Periodic Maintainence

Your Nissan Vehicle comes with a Service Interval of 10,000 km or 12 months for KICKS (whichever comes first).

This proves our confidence in our vehicles and the superior quality and reliability of all our cars.

But considering your own driving habits, local conditions which are harsh considering the weather, heat and frequent high speed braking in the region, you should take your Nissan for a check up in accordance to the “Periodic Maintenence Schedule” in the Owner’s Manual.

For a nominal price, we’ll give your vehicle a check to make sure that everything is safe and in perfect working condition. This service covers items such as engine/drivetrain, brakes, exhaust, shock absorbers, tyres, etc. and includes test driving. A confirmation that you’re good to go will be provided in black and white with a checklist completed by our experts. You’ll have the peace of mind that your vehicle is safe and everything is in proper working order.


Description   Service Visit / Part Replacement Frequency10k km/12M20k km/24M30k km/36M40k km/48M50k Km/60M
Engine Oil10K KM/12M₹1419₹1419₹1419₹1419₹1419
Engine Oil Filter10K KM/12M₹229₹229₹229₹229₹229
Air Filter10K KM/12M₹649₹649₹649₹649₹649
Cabin Filter 20K KM/24M₹551₹551
Labor Charges10K KM/12M₹2,832₹2,832₹2,832
Description   Service Visit / Part Replacement Frequency60k km/72M70k km/84M80k km/96M90k km/108M100k km/120M
Engine Oil10K KM/12M₹1,419₹1,419₹1,419₹1,419₹1,419
Brake Fluid60K KM/36M₹275
Coolant80K KM/36M₹1,170
Engine Oil Filter10K KM/12M₹229₹229₹229₹229₹229
Air Filter10K KM/12M₹649₹649₹649₹649₹649
Cabin Filter 20K KM/24M₹551₹551
Spark Plugs60K KM/72M₹1,528
Drive Belt80K KM/48M₹2,082
Rollor80K KM/48M₹3,832
Labor Charges10K KM/12M₹2,832₹2,832₹2,832₹2,832₹2,832


  • Service interval to be referred basis the age of vehicle & the kilometers it has covered till date.
  • Price estimate is subjected to change, city-wise.
  • The above stated costs are indicative, inclusive of taxes Ex-Delhi. Please contact your Nissan authorized workshop for further details


Nissan Body and Paint Service

Unfortunate as it is, Body Damage can happen to your car.

But when it has to be repaired we do not take any chances inside or out.

Our Nissan Service Centers will help you remove any damage on your car’s body or paintwork strictly as per the Nissan Service Quality Standards.

We have the special tools that match your Nissan Car exactly and we do not experiment! We believe in getting it right the first time.

Our professional paintwork care service keeps your car looking good for longer and provides optimum protection. Regular deep polishing and professional preservation will maintain the original shine for many years.